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Another Calculation Based on the Number of Trees We Need


Here’s another comment from the NYT that estimates how many trees each person should have to make up for burning oil:


denver, colorado

Why aren’t we deploying troops, like the emperor Tiberius, to protect remaining forests? The example below should serve to illustrate the magnitude of the sequestration problem. The carbon being sequestered is JUST from oil, not including larger sources such as agriculture and coal.


EIA 2012: Our oil consumption is nearly 19 M b/day

A barrel of crude oil is nearly all carbon, when burned produces around 317 Kg of C02

A young tree can sequester about 2.5 Kg of C02 a year, a mature tree about 20 Kg, a fast growing hardwood tree even more. That’s only 0.00685 to 0.055 Kg per day.

U.S. Population 2012: 313M

Just to maintain our current oil consumption of 19 M b/day, I need lots of trees per every man, woman and child now living in the U.S. In fact I need many acres of them.

Assuming the oil is burned, and none is sequestered into plastics and building materials, I need to sequester 19 M x 317 Kg = 6.023 B Kg of C02 every day. The allocation per man, woman, and child is
6.023 B Kg / 350 M = 17.2 Kg C02 daily. My allocation consists of 17.2 / 0 .055 = 314 trees.

A dense forest might have as many as 1000 trees per acre, ours are at 100-200 trees, overstocked per the forest service. I figure that I need 5 acres of trees per capita, but where are they? The Forest Services is managing only 322 M acres. Look no further for man-made causes to climate change.

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