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An Ironically Inadequate Report on Our CIA’s brutality and inhumanity


The irony about the Senate report on torture (a 500 page summary of a 6,000 page document, heavily redacted by the CIA itself) is that so many other things, probably even more horrifying, will never be revealed.

Even the innocent prisoners (and at least a quarter of them were completely innocent) got precious little relief if they survived the brutal interrogations and months of solitary confinement.  One innocent man, who was literally sold to the CIA for a bounty, died after five days of unrelenting torture.  Another such prisoner, when it was discovered after five months of torture that he had nothing to do with terrorism, was dropped off on a lonely road in a Central European country where he didn’t speak the language.  He was left to walk home alone, with no resources, and finally made it back to a family that had long thought he was dead.  Some innocent prisoners are still under confinement at Guantanamo Bay.

Warning to all Americans: our government is doing things that are clearly unethical, brutal, and frankly evil, and we will never find out who did these things or who approved them.  Is there any wonder that foreigners hate us?

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