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Americans are Big, Fat Bullies


I’m reprinting this comment from an article in the NYT online about the government’s surveillance of the mails, although it is somewhat ungrammatical, because it makes an important point:

We are a nation of bullies.  Think about it for a minute.  The police are among the worst offenders but everyone is encouraged to bully those who are weaker.  By “bullying”, I mean exploitation, humiliation, and just plain taking advantage of people.  This comment is written in relation to an article that tells how the government has kept track of people’s mails both with and without official sanction.  Specifically, there is a program that collects images of the outside of all mail to and from a given subject under investigation.  This commenter feels that there are ways to inspect the content of a piece of mail without opening it.



“Yes, it is not opening it and reading it. But I can tell you as an engineer doing inspections on aircraft, rocket motors, missiles, ect. There is only half a dozen ways to image what is in side.
But lets go back and ask why are we being terrorized? Because we are a nation of bullies. Not just the government, but corporations too. In the 80’s and 90’s I’ve read many reports of American Arrogance.
And our government, in the invasion of Iraq for weapons of mass distruction.
That generated a lot of hate toads America. The Americans and it allies gave chemical weapons (American plans, allies supplies) given to them year ago. 10 or 15 years before we invaded.
If you don’t think all those actions in the middle east, is not going to get a group of people mad at America. More so because and join a group of terrorist, you fooling yourself.
America, particularity our government is arrogant. That generates terrorism and a need for security, which generates spying on American citizens by our government.”

This comment is misspelled in places, and there are also confusing passages, but the point is clear.

The Republicans (and some Democrats), of course, are among the worst bullies on the North American continent. They favor restrictions on voting rights, they are reluctant to protect poor people against the depredations of the medical care system, they insist that rich people pay less taxes, they block infrastructure repair and improvement projects at a time when increasing such projects would be the best thing for the economy, they are unwilling to let the government borrow money to relieve the sufferings of poor people at a time when they could borrow at a ridiculously low interest rate, etc. etc.

The Republicans (and cowardly Democrats) have exploited, humiliated, and stepped upon those who could not fight back: they are literally bullies.

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