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Dallas Hospital Apologizes for Ebola Mis-Treatment


The Dallas, Texas hospital that treated the first Ebola victim in the United States had a full page apology printed in the major local newspapers on Sunday for its errors in diagnosis, treatment, and infection control.  They apologized for failing to diagnose his Ebola on his first visit to the emergency room.  They additionally apologized for “mistakes” made in the patient’s treatment.  They are also responsible for the infections of two of their nurses during the patient’s stay, due to errors in infection control protocol that were ultimately the responsibility of the Centers for Disease Control.

The Ebola case has been a public relations disaster for the hospital, and there has been reduced patient traffic as well.

The National Institutes of Health has changed its procedures for protective clothing: “It became clear that we needed to modify that protocol where no part of the body is exposed…” sad Dr. Anthony Fauci, clinical director of the NIH’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease.  Full-body suits, hoods, goggles, protective aprons, and rubber boots are used by the Doctors Without Borders teams, with a chlorine spray during de-gowning.

The reason for such intensive protection is that patients are constantly contaminating themselves with vomitus and diarrhea, and close contact is frequently required.  In this outfit, a person can work only  two hours before succumbing to heat exhaustion.  In conditions of heat and stress, mistakes are frequent; workers are assigned to monitor one another for breaches in protocol.

These are the monstrous conditions under which a patient suffers from Ebola, with a fifty-fifty chance of succumbing to the disease.

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