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Ineluctable Destruction


Here’s a quote from a couple of years ago that pretty much says it all:

Mulga Mumblebrain says:

The inertia in the climate system means we are already dead. Our demise is pre-determined, and we are a wraith civilization of walking dead, only awaiting reality to catch up with necessity. The inertia of the life-hating Right makes this certainty more certain, but will, at least, provoke the crisis, which will rapidly, given the Right’s perennial preference, descend into war and genocide, that much sooner.


Ms. Mumblebrain appears to have prophesied what we were talking about a few weeks ago.  I’m not at all convinced that we’re all going to die; I think that many will survive and with time will be much changed.  The only question is how many will survive and under what conditions?

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