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Circumstances Beyond My Control


On February 14, when I pressed the button to start my computer, the light didn’t come on and the CPU chip didn’t boot; the fans were running, noisily, but nothing was happening.  Thinking my memory chip had failed again, I tried a new chip, without result.  The hard disk drive did not run, and changing drives made no difference.  I happened to have a spare CPU which I think works, but it didn’t help in this case.  I was left with “something on the motherboard.”  There’s nothing else you can swap out on the motherboard without unsoldering it, so I was bound to change out the motherboard if I wanted the computer to continue to exist.

Instead, I went to Costco and bought a new computer.  This one has a one-terabyte hard disk and 8 gigabytes of RAM.  Luckily it is Windows 7 instead of Windows 8, which I dislike intensely for no good reason.  In addition, it has a Wi-Fi adapter so that certain laptops can access the Web.  Finally, it is intensely quiet, unlike the old computer.  Frankly, the old computer looked like it was falling apart long before it failed to boot.

This is the reason why you haven’t seen any pictures in the last few days.  Also luckily, I just backed up my entire hard disk a week ago so all my pictures can be transferred to the new computer.  You will soon see more pictures; whether they are newly scanned or not hasn’t been decided.

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  1. lew Lorton permalink
    2014-02-21 19:53

    Most photographer are, or should be, compulsive about backing up to at least one other target. (Being beyond compulsive, I back up daily to two separate external hard drives.


    • 2014-02-21 22:04

      Compulsive, yes. Compulsive enough to own two functional computers, no. I do have backups, but without a computer, it’s hard to connect to the Internet. The real problem came after I got a new computer: the old modem didn’t work. I had to get a new modem, which didn’t work either. Then I got a new wireless modem, which worked at last.


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