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What Radical Muslims Really Want

  • Here’s a bit of naivete from an American commenter on NYT online:
  • Bill M
  • California
NYT Pick

Dzhokhar [Tsarnev] exhibits the same feelings as those apparently held by the many suicide bombers around the world who seem to feel that the United States is befriending the enemies of Moslems and thereby also becomes an enemy of Moslems. Regardless of whether he and his compatriots are in error, the fact that this is what they believe and our friendship with Israel fits their vision of our friendship with their enemy. The only way we are ever going to convince people like Dzhokhar that we are not his enemy is to have communication with the Moslem community to learn what their complaints are and to work out our differences diplomatically rather than through drone strikes, shock and awe, and surges to nowhere.

Dzhokhar is tragically in error as are many of his compatriots. But Bush/Obama policies have played into their hands with “wars of choice” and lack of any real attempt to find out why so many Moslems are fighting us and what their misunderstandings are so that we can deal with them intelligently rather than through more military waste. If we really are serious about fighting terrorism why haven’t we made any serious attempt to find out why, mistakenly or otherwise, they see us as their foes?

And here’s my response:

Islamists have made their complaints fairly clear over the years. Mostly our transgressions involve usurping Islamic governments and being present on holy ground (i.e. Mecca and Saudi Arabia in general). These transgressions could probably be negotiated away.
However, their final aim or ideal is a global “Islamic caliphate” which most resembles the early Ottoman government of Istanbul. By “global” they mean that the United States as well is to be subject to this type of government. This is in complete abnegation of what the United States stands for and represents overthrow of our government by violent means.
It is also considered acceptable under Islamic law to lie if your purpose is advancing the “global Islamic caliphate.” This is precisely what happened in Egypt: the Moslem Brotherhood claimed to observe democratic principles but in fact, once they obtained power they used it to entirely undemocratic ends.
By the way, under the caliphate you may not be forced to convert to Islam, but once you have accepted it, the death penalty applies if you change your mind. This is true in Afghanistan, and in one recent case the Islamic Court was forced to declare the defendant mentally ill in order to avoid an impolitic penalty.


To sum up the really shocking news of today:

Those who have grasped the above will not be surprised to learn that Dzhokar Tsarnaev’s deceased older brother is a suspect in a triple murder that was committed on approximately September 11, 2011.  They will be even less surprised to learn that at least two of the victims were identified as Jewish and the third was probably perceived to be.  What will be surprising is the fact that local investigators missed the connection to the tenth anniversary of “9/11” and Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s involvement.  This will be especially surprising to the friends of the victims, who thought the fact that Tamerlan was the main victim’s only Muslim friend was unusual given his association with Jewish people.  There is much more, and of course you can read it best in the New York Times online.


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