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Inflation in Perspective


In about 1965, we in the basketball team were offered a group discount by the local Converse representative: at $10 a pair, he would outfit us with white or black Converse All-Stars all at once.  All he had to do was call the factory, put in his order, and in two weeks or less, he would have shoes for all of us.  He was rumored to offer up to size eighteen.

On July  4, 2013, I received by email a bulletin from a specialty shoe company that shall remain un-named.  This bulletin, when perused, had on offer Converse All-Stars in eleven colors, up to size seventeen, for $57.  Shipping and taxes were extra.

By using my handy Inflation Calculator, described to you in a previous post, I determined that $10 in 1965 would have bought me $73.95 today.  The difference would surely be enough to cover taxes and shipping.

Therefore, we are buying Converse All-Stars, quality probably equivalent, for about as much or less in inflation adjusted dollars as we did almost 50 years ago.  The Asians have been able to duplicate, and add variety, to a product once proudly Made In the USA.   The only thing missing is size eighteen, and I’m guessing that kids with that size feet are used to that problem already.

I’m making no conclusions, I’m just offering this tiny fact as food for discussion and thought.  Think first, then discuss.

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