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Allegation that GOP will steal election with computer voting machines


On Friday, October 26, the Daily Kos published an article claiming that the GOP will steal the election by using its control of computerized voting machines.  The article claims that a computer analyst has worked out the technique that is used, and has been used at least since 2004, to tilt elections to the Republican side by 10 or more percentage points.  The cheating is only done in large precincts, where it is harder to detect, but the analyst claims that the effects are still detectable.

If this is true, then we are facing a Republican victory on November 6.  There is no hope for the Democrats, because to win, they would have to pile up a huge majority of votes–more than 60%, equal to the landslide Obama received in 2008 (which prevented the Republicans from using their ability to control the machines, because “everyone knew” that Obama would win and a loss would have been very suspicious.)

In fact, it almost doesn’t matter whether the Republicans have a plan to steal the election with their voting machines.  Studies have shown that, for adults eligible to vote, the more inclined towards Obama a potential voter is, the less likely he or she is to actually vote.  To the contrary, the more inclined towards Romney one is, the more likely one is to vote.  It is as if we are a nation of morons, and we will get the government we deserve.

We will know that the election has been stolen if Romney wins.  The reason we know this is that a column in the New York Times has tracked all the public opinion polls produced during the last year, even the most extremely Republican of them (Rasmussen), and has synthesized an excellent probability set of outcomes.  We recommend “Five Thirty Eight” (the number of elector votes) as a good column on NYT online.  It has consistently shown Obama winning the Electoral college with a probability ranging from sixty to seventy-two per cent, versus Romney’s chances of as low as twenty eight per cent.  The reason Obama has such good odds is that, in the swing states, he has winning combinations; Ohio is the state most likely to swing the election.

Therefore, given these odds, we can predict the likelihood of Republican electoral fraud based on the states that Romney wins versus their pre-election probabilities.

There doesn’t seem to be anything we can do, as a people, to stop the Republicans from taking over the government based on their ownership of the companies that make all the voting machines( not just Diebold).  After the election of Romney, it will be necessary for the forces of good to go underground, so you should look to this blog for further instructions.  If Obama wins, we can all stand down.  But I’m not optimistic.

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