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Paul D Ryan, Republican candidate for Vice President, is a liar, and you can tell when he is lying


Among all the other claims and advertisements circulating around the Presidential campaign, there is one that simply and clearly shows what is really going on and who is a good person versus who is a bad person.
This one thing is the radio interview that Paul D Ryan, Republican candidate for Vice President, gave recently. In this interview, Ryan claimed that he had run a marathon, a race of just over 26 miles, in less than three hours.
Runner’s World broke the story that they had searched the records and found only one marathon that Mr Ryan participated in. In this race, in 1990 (when he was twenty), he finished in four hours and one minute. There is no record of him ever having run any other marathons anywhere, ever. It really need not be explained that marathoners keep extruciatingly detailed records of finishing times.

In a comment to the Runner’s World story, bellheezy wrote:

[September 2, 2012 at 1:28 pm]
“I came on here to look for running shoes and came across this article… [bellheezy explains the story caught his interest, so he then went to the transcript of the radio interview for more details]

…I read the transcript of the interview and then listened to it. The interview is fascinating. In some parts, Ryan recalls things very vividly and talks quickly and directly. In other parts, he talks round about with side stories and does not answer the question directly.

For instance, when asked if he was a speech and debate guy in high school, Ryan quickly lists that he was in student government and athletics, in the honor society, was class president his junior year, was school board rep his senior year and received varsity letters in track and soccer. Also, when asked about his mentor, Bill Bennett, Ryan rattles off directly the names of the guys he worked with, how he was the economics guy and that that was a very formative stage in his life.

Contrastingly, when asked what his first job was, Ryan does not even answer the question initially. Instead he says, “Well, you can get a job as a very young kid in Wisconsin in detasseling corn. So for people not in the Midwest, what that means is you walk down a corn row, and you snap the tassels off the corn to help pollinate the corn. I had a lot of landscaping jobs…” and he lists several other jobs he had. Since he didn’t come out and state his first job was corn detasseling, instead he explains what it is, I wonder if he really did that job he implied he did.

…[it is] rather easy to see when he does this as the manner in which he answers the question changes from a quick and direct approach to a roundabout and animated answer.”

Bellheezy has discovered Mr Ryan’s “tell”: the unconscious, automatic behavior that indicates when he is lying. Mr Ryan is not only a chronic, pathological liar, but an obvious and easily discovered one. When will Americans learn that some politicians lie and some tell the truth?

It is abundantly clear from Mr Barack Obama’s prior behavior that he avoids lying whenever possible and tries to remain silent rather than having to lie. I don’t think it is fair that we should expect our chief executive to never lie to us… that just isn’t possible.

Therefore, I dare any reader of this column to quote to me an obvious (or even not so obvious) lie that Mr Obama has told, about anything, even his twenty year old marathoning record. Then we will have a basis for, at least, considering the possibility of not voting for Mr Obama. It is already impossible to consider the possibility of voting for the Romney-Ryan ticket.

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