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Romney and Mormonism


There has been too much tolerance for Willard Mitt Romney’s religion.  The Mormon Church is seen by most people as “just another church” like the Catholic Church, the Protestant denominations, the Baptists, the Jewish religion, and even (Heaven forgive us!) Islam.

In fact, the Mormon Church is a cult.  Members swear secret oaths to the Church.  Thanks to a number of ex-Mormons, these formerly secret oaths have been outed, and are available (like everything else nowadays) on the Internet.  If you are interested, I suggest you take a look.  The most disturbing of these oaths is the one in which members swear loyalty to the Church over all other loyalties, even to the extent of swearing to sacrifice their lives and liberties to the Church.

We already know that Mormons pay ten percent of their incomes to the Church, but how many people know that loyal Mormons are committed to lay down their very lives for the benefit of the Church?

The power of this oath of loyalty to the Church is so strong that it takes precedence over all other oaths, even the oath that a person takes when he or she is sworn in to the office of the Presidency.  If Mr Romney were to be elected as President(Heaven forbid!), he would still be bound by his oath to the Church over his oath to protect the Constitution.  The benefit of the Mormon Church would take precedence over protection of the Constitution.

Can you see where I am going with this?  This means that, if Mr Romney is elected President, the well-being of the United States would be less important to him than the good of the Mormon Church.  Any time that the Mormon Church might be hurt by an action that he might take as President, he would think twice and not take that action.  Any time the Mormon Church might benefit from an action he could take as President, he would take that action (if he could get away with it.)

This is different, qualitatively, than the consequences of electing a Catholic (say, for example, John Fitzgerald Kennedy) to the Presidency.   For those of you not yet born in 1960 who might not have heard this, Mr Kennedy made a categorical statement during the election campaign that he would not take any action as President that might suggest that he favored the interests of the Catholic Church over his loyalty to the United States.

We should NOT give Mr Romney the benefit of the doubt and assume that he would be willing to make a similar statement.  In fact, it is of critical importance that someone should ask Mr Romney the same question that was asked of Mr Kennedy.  Would you allow the Mormon Church to influence your actions as President in any way?  If Mr Romney is truthful (which I doubt) he would be forced to admit that the answer is yes.

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