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Genocide in northern Sudan


Fragmentary reports have reached us recently of a genocidal incident in the mountains of northern Sudan.  The NYT online carries a piece from an experienced Western journalist who escaped from Sudan during the last two weeks.  He carries reports that an ethnic group called the Nuba are being targeted by government troops in an organized campaign of annihilation.

An election was supposed to be going on in May in the region of south Kordofan, a mountainous region in northern Sudan.  Something went wrong, and the government centered in Khartoum began to attack voters and would-be voters.  Then, in June, they attacked civilians in Kadougli and Dilling with artillery and mortar fire as well as airplanes.   The reporter describes a scene in which “special internal security forces” went door to door and murdered everyone they found, often by slashing their throats.  He claims that hundreds or thousands may have been killed already.  Surely many more are to come if the government of Sudan continues its policies.

The reporter finally states that regime change is the only answer, partly because the current government of Sudan is heavily involved in crimes against humanity and, at least, ethnic cleansing in southern Kordofan.

Clearly, there is a long list of criminals running countries.  Moammar Gaddafi is only one.  Bashir of Sudan is another.  We must ensure that  the United States’ government doesn’t complicate the effort to remove gross human rights violators with thousands of corpses to their credit from power.  At the very least we must avoid encouraging tyrants, no matter how petty or useful.

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