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Republicans want the economy to continue to fall apart so that Obama won’t win presidency again


It has become obvious that the Republicans don’t want our economy to recover.  Witness their attempts to force deficit reduction to be the first priority when job creation should be our first priority.  Witness their constant obstructionism in the Senate when Democrats had a clear majority in both houses.  Witness their ability to prevent any action to resolve the mortgage meltdown in a way that would support honest homebuyers.  Witness their prevention of any real job creation programs when it is obvious that our government should be directly hiring people to help rebuild our crumbling infrastructure.

Their reasoning is clear.  If the economy is bad, voters will vote out the incumbents and vote in the opposition party.  So it is in their best interest, they think, to prevent economic recovery.

Unfortunately, many people are seeing through these persistent attempts to prevent economic recovery.  So they are being seen, more and more, as the party that doesn’t want responsible government.  The Democrats, for all their corruption, are still trying to put forward plans to improve the economy.  So who are you going to vote for?

Stay away from the Tea Party.  They are no more interested in economic recovery than the mainstream of the Republican party.  They have already been exposed as ill-educated, white racists who want Obama out because he’s black.  Now all he has to do is grow a spine and he’ll be a two term president–long enough to nominate judges who can address the gross political imbalance of the Supreme Court.

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