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Article of the Day: The Prospect Explains AG Sessions’ Plan to Bring on the Apocalypse


This article, in the National Prospect recently, explains what “immanentize the eschaton” means, and it’s not good news.  AG Sessions, in a private speech to an anti-LGBT hate group, explained how he was going to eliminate any accommodations for LGBT folk in the federal government.   Here is a quote from the article, about William F. Buckley and his coining the phrase “immanentize the eschaton”:

Buckley, who never said in two syllables what he could say in twelve, was speaking of that combo-concept, meaning that it wasn’t government’s job to make things nice for people by granting them their civil rights and feeding the starving poor. To do that would create Heaven on Earth, which would necessarily bring about cosmic extinction. And who would want that?

The topic of the attorney general’s speech to the ADF, which is defending Christian-owned businesses for the right to discriminate against queer folk, was “religious freedom.” Sessions promised that, any day now, he would issue a guidance to government agencies on how to apply the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in ways that conform to his novel interpretation of the First Amendment. The ways in which an anti-LGBTQ bias could be applied to the work of government agencies boggles the mind, given that the government is charged with providing health care to millions, fair housing protections, asylum requests, and ensuring the rights of all. For many, the eschaton may indeed be immanentized.

While a intensely public fight rages over Don the Con’s public pronouncements, which are profoundly disruptive on a daily basis, his henchmen are quietly going about the business of destroying the government, perverting its purpose, and hollowing out its expertise.  This is the worst tragedy to befall the American government since Nixon hired his band of plumbers.

[for some unknown reason, I drafted this post a few days ago but failed to publish it… “Immanentizing the eschaton” means, basically, throwing the fat on the fire, putting a match to a bonfire, and other references to the Apocalypse.]

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