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Comment of the Day: Don the Con, A Russian Stooge, Destroys Democracy


Woody Packard

Lewiston, Idaho

I am a patient person, and willing to wait to see how this all sorts out. But the longer we wait, the more normal it all seems. Regardless of who you voted for, please take a look at Linda Greenhouse’s article today. Stop parsing as a lawyer or judge, use and trust your instincts as a smart and concerned citizen. (By all means be open for new information, which is certainly possible.) But,
1. Who won the election, even without the majority of voters voting for him?
2. Who, by all credible accounts, was helped by the efforts of the Russians?
3. Who, even on the day that he fired Comey, has had a jolly relationship with those who helped him in the elections?
4. Who has had on staff those with a continuous relationship for many years with Russians at the top level of their country’s intelligence agencies.[?]

Perhaps there is a good explanation, and I am willing to wait for it. In the mean time, please, members of Congress, don’t try to convince us that there is nothing that needs investigating here.

This is new territory. If a presidential campaign cheats to get in office, does the vice president from the cheating party take over? Does a Supreme Court justice, denied to a legitimately elected president but appointed by a cheating President, retain a lifetime appointment?

Can we, citizens of the United States, agree what a democracy is?

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