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Don the Con Tried to Drop Sanctions on Russia the Day He Took Office


This article from Yahoo news explains how Don the Con and his cronies tried to end the sanctions imposed on Russia for its invasion of Crimea and its treatment of Ukraine as soon as they took office.  They were stopped by left-over members of the State Department from the Obama administration.  It’s a good article, and I recommend a perusal rather than just taking my word for it.  There’s no question that Don wanted to do it, and it’s not anonymous leakers who are saying this– it is named people who were in the State Department when Don took office, but have now retired and are free to talk about it.

This puts more force behind the investigations of Don the Con’s collusion with the Russians before the election.  It also makes more believable the theory that the Russians have had Don on a string since 2007, when they rescued him from the real-estate crash in the US by generously funding him.  One known example of Russian funding is the estate he sold for tens of millions in profit right as the real estate market was crashing.  Ever since 2007, Don has been saying nice things about Vlad “the Impaler” Putin.  The Russians clearly saw Don as an asset, and they could even have encouraged him to run for president with offers of guaranteed funding.

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