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The Kakistocracy Finds a Convenient Distraction


Here’s a bizarre thought: what if Putin told al-Assad to drop “just one” sarin bomb to give Donald an excuse to loudly berate the Russians and attack a Syrian air base (with minimal casualties)– all to distract the American public from the news that Carter Page had been the subject of a warrant for surveillance because of his Russia ties?  In private, Vladimir could tell Secretary of State Tillerson that everything is really OK– just keep up the great job you are doing of dismantling the American government.  After all, what could be better for the Russians than an America destabilized by poor government services to its neediest people?  This is just what Donald is doing, exacerbating income and wealth inequality and freeing the police and the border patrol to abuse disfavored people– all of which leads to a less stable society, less able to counter the threat from a foreign enemy.

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