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Melania Knauss: Questionable Immigration Status in 1995, Married to the Donald in 2005


Melania, now wife to the Donald, is a former fashion model who has said she started working when she was 16.  As a native of Slovenia, she also has said she came to the US in 1996 to work as a model.  She stated that she went back to Europe to renew her visa “every few months”, which would be consistent with her travelling on a tourist visa– only good for six months.  However, with a tourist visa, she wouldn’t have been able to work legally.  Politico posted a story about “Gaps” in Melania’s immigration history on August 4.  Background on Melania is available from the New Yorker story on May 9.

If Melania had a work visa, or H-1B, she would not have had to renew it for three years at least.  There is some inconsistency in her statements of returning “every few months” to renew her visa.  Then there is her statement that she came here in 1996.  Photos released last weekend of a “racy” shoot are dated 1995 at a studio in the US– not consistent with her statement that she arrived here in 1996.

And then there is her receipt of a “green card” in 2001– said to be on the basis of marriage, although she claims never to have been married before her nuptials with Donald in 2005.

Melania’s web site (Facebook page) has been taken down because of an unrelated falsehood, namely her claim to have graduated from college in Slovenia.  The college involved stated that she only spent a year there, and left without a degree.  When this information became public, her web site was taken down and attempts to reach that site were redirected to Donald’s web site.  Univision posted a story about Melania’s marriage history on August 5.

So there are two embarrassing questions: what kind of visa did Melania have when she did the photoshoot in 1995? Second, what was the basis on which she got a green card in 2001?  Normally, these issues would be trivial, but her husband Donald has made a major issue of illegal immigration and the abuse of the H-1B visa program.  It wouldn’t look good if Donald’s wife had used the very immigration loopholes that Donald has complained about.

There has been a surfeit of stories about Donald over the past few months– too many, in fact.  We would refrain from posting stories about him, but he is so interesting– in a shocking way– that it is impossible to resist.  We will do our best to cut down, since we can’t quit…

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