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James Lee

Arlington, Texas

This astute column reflects the bizarre, unprecedented nature of the current election. Ms. Roller and the professional comedians analyze and evaluate Trump as if the ability to mix humor with character assassination belonged in the mental tool kit of every effective president.

Trump’s heavyhanded approach to humor, combined with his inability to laugh at himself, do reveal much about his character and intellect. His insults directed at women, for example, which focus on their physical appearance or bodily functions expose a mind too often unaware that effective humor targets a person’s behavior, not her physical characteristics. And his failure to understand the barbs directed at himself stem from his discomfort with the painful process of self reflection. Trump ranks as the ultimate extrovert, because a willingness to turn his pitiless gaze inward would not reveal much of substance.

The fact remains, however, that no one would have written a column on a previous candidate analyzing his ability to deliver artful insults. Since Trump has demonstrated an ignorance of key issues worthy of Sarah Palin, along with a gross inability to craft intelligent policies, perhaps his skill as an insult comedian remains the only criterion by which to judge his fitness for high office. This would be akin to evaluating an Olympic sprinter on his ability to trip a competitor.

Clearly, the framers failed to include in the Constitution all the necessary qualifications for president.

This comment was one of those attached to an article about Drumpf (Trump) and his “insult comedy.” in the New York Times.

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